Club Maps

Nillumbik Emus has a proud history of map production. Our maps have been used in National and State Championships: both mountain bike and foot orienteering.
We also have a large number of Park and Street maps.

Bush maps

MTBO maps

Park-Street maps

Permanent Courses

We have two permanent courses at the You Yangs ā€“ the Branding Yard and Kuranjung.

Each map has 21 or 22 controls; map scale 1:12500 with 5m contours.
Controls on wooden posts with orienteering punches

Maps and control cards can be purchased from Orienteering Service of Australia  or Contact club for maps and control cards.

Course available on the My-O-Maps app.


Check out Maplink on the OV website for a Maprun course near you.

You Yangs Kuranjang (Off limits during COVID-19 lockdown)

Diamond Creek is a recent addition 28/04/ 2020

Further Map Information