Awards & Honours

Park Street Champs 2023
OA Merit Awards 2022

Geoff Armstrong M65 Silver
Mark Baxter M60 Bronze
John Carberry M55 Bronze
Helen Edmonds W65 Silver
Robert Edmonds M70 Bronze
Ron Frederick M70 Bronze
Jitladda Khamseenuan (Goy) W21 Bronze
Carolyn Layton W45 Silver
Joshua Layton M10 Gold
Matthew Layton M14 Gold
Jenelle Templeton W70 Bronze

Congratulations to our successful members

EMU Service Award

The first of these Awards has been given to seven members – past and present:

Russell Yeoman, Sue Healy, Joyce Rowlands, Bill and Erica Johnson, Robyn Sunderland and Helen Schofield

This is the first year (2021) in which these Awards were introduced. The concept has been discussed at Committee level where it was concluded that there should be a way of recognising contribution to the Club, not necessarily just for being a superior performer within the sport, but in assisting and supporting the Club through long term and universally recognised contributions. In general these are to be Awards for Club supporters who have ceased active competition.

This being the first year of the Award the number of those recognised is larger than is likely in succeeding years. 

Orienteering Australia Badge Merits

Attached list has the names of members who have earned OA Merit Badges since the year 2000. The scheme has been been place for many years before that but records no longer exist for thise earned prior to that year.

OA Merit Badges

How badges are earned Badge Scheme | Orienteering Australia

Since the vast majority have not actually been claimed/purchased it is not quite “Badges Awarded”. If anyone wants to claim their badges, from any year, they still may do so. Cost is $5 per badge. Please contact Robert Edmonds to claim badges.

Vin Maloney Trophy

The VIN MALONEY is the nearest we have to a club championship. It is held at a BushO event, frequently in August-September when everyone is preparing for major championships. It is based on a handicap system, at a selected bush event. The winner is the club member returning the fastest kilometre rate on their “A” standard course (difficult navigation and terrain) after a time correction for their age/gender based handicap. We don’t have similar for MTBO or Park-Street, the latter only having adopted individual timing in two of the Series in recent years.

Vin Maloney and his son Kevin Maloney started with St Leos, a College in Box Hill. They bought and ran the O’Shop for many years. In his memory, the Vin Maloney Trophy for best Club orienteer is awarded annually. The trophy is a lovely carving of Tasmania designed to fold flat when not being used as a fruit bowl.

The 2020 event was not held due to COVID restrictions. The committee decided to award the trophy to Lauris Stirling in recognition of her splendid efforts in promoting orienteering.

Ron Frederick (President) presenting Lauris Stirling with the Vin Maloney trophy.
Photo taken by Ian Stirling.

Club Awards Vin Maloney Trophy

Honour Board

Lauris retained the Vin Maloney Trophy for 2021

Summer Series Finals 2020 Nillumbik Emus Placegetters

Vic Autumn Series 2019 Winners

Victoria GreenhanWomen’s Course 3
Greg PalmerMen’s Course 4

Qantas Trophy

In 1999, Nillumbik Emus won the Qantas Trophy for the club scoring the highest points in the Australian Championships, held in NSW.

Rockhopper Trophy

The Rockhopper Trophy is an annual award for the Champion Victorian Club. It was devised by Peter Jackson a stalwart of Rockhopper Orienteers. When Rockhoppers disbanded, funds were put towards the Trophy. The award was based on results at Orienteer of the Year, State Series Events.

Nillumbik Emus has taken out the Rockhopper eleven times, from its inaugural year in 1996, 1997 – 2000, 2002, 2004 – 2008

The rules were then changed which made it more difficult for us to win. Points were subsequently given for activities which contribute to the sport of orienteering. In truth, the demographics of the club were changing. We were always in a position to dominate while we had a a large number of members competing at bush events. We had several families which ensured we covered a good cross section of age groups.

The inter-club competition for the Rockhopper Trophy has been revamped. In 2019 it included results from the Vic Autumn Series and Victorian Club Relay Champs and club participation. Clubs scored points for their 10 best individual performances and for club turnout.

Rockhopper Trophy 2019

Other Awards

  • Course Setter of the Year – MTBO 2008 Geoff Armstrong for setting the Muckleford Diggings 2008 MTBO Long Champs.
  • David Hudson was presented with Orienteering Victoria’s President’s Award in 2002.

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