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‘Orienteering is an outdoor sport where you have to figure out where to go based on figuring out where you are. Running a business today is a lot like Orienteering. I figure there are Orienteering lessons we can apply to Marketeering. Here’s what I found…’

Clever Business Lessons from the Sport of Orienteering
Sustainability is one of the fundamental values of orienteering

Orienteering provides mental and physical challenge, builds life-skills and self-confidence and promotes a healthy lifestyle. We are respectful of the natural environment and promote environmental good practice. Orienteering events require limited infrastructure and a low threshold for participation. We are progressive in our response to changes in society.

Environment and Sustainability


Brodie Nankervis will deliver the Coaching Syllabus Update Project.

Work has already started on the project with States already having nominated a representative to a Project Reference Group (PRG) with experience in delivering Coaching programs to support Brodie. The PRG will provide Brodie with the  experience and expertise and context relating to the project to ensure the relevance of outcomes. Based on updated project plans the project is expected to be delivered in January 2021.

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