Martine Barrot wins Park Street Course Setter of the Year Award

Martine at the finish of the Waterford Valley event with her fluffy emu

Martine was invited to write a few comments about her experience and tell us a little more about herself. Congratulations Martine on a superb job.

“Along with my partner Andrew Johnston we started orienteering mid-2018. By late December 2018 we started going to Monday night StreetO regularly and quickly became hooked, at the same time we also discovered Geoff’s (Hudson) Suburban Adventure Racing series which we also love.

Through the Autumn/ Winter series in 2019 we decided to do both Monday and Wednesday nights as by this stage we were both well and truly addicted to the sport. Andrew has also taken me Rogaining on some 6 and 12 hour events, and we have done a couple of Metrogaines as well. When Lauris Stirling put the call out for course setters towards the end of the Winter series we both thought we’d have a go at setting a course each, and after an OCAD training course with Geoff, I started setting my very first course using the Waterford Gully map in Rowville. With no experience in course setting I didn’t really have too much of a plan.

My goal was to keep the controls as consistently spaced as I could and to use as much of the map as I could by going out to all corners of the map without being too long in distance. From there I just focused on trying to have route choices in every possible direction, I tried to make it so that as a runner there was not an immediately obvious drop of controls for course A, then being a power walker myself making sure there was enough options for those wanting to walk short and long distances. I feel I was very fortunate the event I chose to course set lent itself to providing multiple options, with winding streets going off in all different directions, with a few parks providing cut throughs and the basin through the middle providing ways to link as well. I was so nervous on the night as to what people would think, everyone was so complimentary, and now to have won the award on my very first attempt I’m a bit shocked, it’s certainly a confidence boost to do more course setting in the future.”

The Map and Course

Emus Online January 2017

joyce-with-broken-bike-ron-and-helenPictured above: Bill Johnson, Joyce and Russell Yeoman – Easter Day 2 near Warwick in Queensland in the 1990sCongratulations to Joyce Rowlands and Graeme Cadman on being recognised by the International Orienteering Federation for being the oldest Mountain Bike Orienteers in World Masters Competition, both being over 80 years old. Joyce is 84 and Graeme is nearly 86.

Pictured: Helen Edmonds, Joyce and Ron Frederick on the day Joyce lost the bike off the back of her car at Korweinguboora.

Nillumbik Emus – 2017 bush events (Foot and Mountain Bike)

Sat 18 Feb Woodlands Historic Park, Greenvale Summer 75 MTBO
Sun 02 Apr Little Forest, Ballan State Series (middle)
Sun 18 Jun Eltham Lower Park MelBush
Sun 02 Jul Brimbank Park MelBush
Sun 30 Jul You Yangs double-header AM VicBush (BK)
Sun 30 Jul You Yangs double-header PM State Series MTBO (NE)
Sun 27 Aug Kimbolton, Eppalock Adventure Series, Maxi
Sat 04 Nov Pilchers Bridge, Lyell Forest Adventure Series, Night Event (NE)
Sun 05 Nov Pilchers Bridge, Lyell Forest Adventure Series, Score (BG)
Sun 12 Nov Muckleford, Maldon State Series MTBO

The Summer 75 MTBO series has kicked off with a well-attended event at popular Lysterfield. Our club is organising the Woodlands event. Rob Edmonds is the organiser and Keith Wade the course planner and Geoff Hudson is looking after the scoring and event entry using our new O-Lynx touchscreen software and computers. Woodlands Historic Park at Greenvale is a terrific location with its many fun trails to explore on a summer evening. The start is on Oatlands Road Common, just past the historic homestead. Please be there by 5 pm for a 6 pm start. Enter on the day – register by 5.45pm. Fees: Adults $12, Juniors $6

All Summer 75 MTBO events have a “score” format with riders having 75 minutes to visit as many of the 20 controls as they can (or want to). This year’s Summer 75 MTBO events will use SportIdent timing, so make sure you bring your SI stick. If you don’t have one, we will have loan SI cards available.

The first Victorian State Series event for the year will be held on April 2nd. It was planned to run the event on our new Blackhill map, near Kyneton, but we have run into permission issues. The event is now listed to run on our Bunjil map, an old favourite, at Little Forest, near Ballan. Rex Niven is course planner and Steve Bird is the event adviser. We have already applied for an event permit from DELWP and have permission to use private property abutting the forest.

Anyone prepared to take on the role of event organiser? Please contact Rob Edmonds

We are also looking for volunteer organisers and course planners for the other events on the above fixtures. Please contact Robert Edmonds if you are able to assist in these capacities.

Easter in New Zealand 

The major event of 2017 is the Easter Carnival and World Masters which are being held in New Zealand. The Oceania Championships and Middle Earth events will take place around Auckland and Rotorua from 14-20 April. Standard entry date closes on Feb 28.

The fun continues with the World Masters Orienteering Championships (at World Masters Games) taking place from 21-30 April. Registrations for the World Masters close on January 31. The events will be held close to Auckland.

Rogaining kicks off with the CBD-Gaine – Inner Melbourne – Sun Feb 12

The Peninsula Metrogaine &Cyclogaine on Sun Mar 5 will be a very popular event.

Other coming events include

Sat/Sun Apr 8 – 9: 2×6 Hour Bush Rogaine (Saturday twilight 4-10pm)

Sat May 13: 12 Hour Bush Rogaine

Sat/Sun June 24/25: 6 hour Rogaine (Schools/Scouts Championships)


‘Why is it the same price whether you order the hard copy of the magazine or the online copy?’

The $5 is an arbitrary amount that should be considered with the whole membership fee and OV budget. $30 of the adult club membership fee also goes to OV and helps pay for the magazine. Last year, only 44% of households ordered the magazine which represented less than 30% of individual membership.  This year everyone contributes to the magazine.

OV and NE membership fees 2013 – 2017
NE club fee in brackets
Adult & Mag Adult NO Mag Junior & Mag Junior NO Mag Family & Mag
2013 $74   ($5) n/a $37   ($1) n/a $105    ($5)
2014 $74   ($5) n/a $37   ($1) n/a $105    ($5)
2015 $60   ($5) $30   ($5) $31   ($1) $1   ($1) n/a
2016 $60   ($5) $30   ($5) $31   ($1) $1   ($1) n/a
2017 $35   ($0) n/a $6   ($0) n/a n/a

Membership is now cheaper than ever. NE/OV adult membership is $35 and junior membership (under 21) just $6. It includes a subscription to the AO quarterly magazine, with a choice of hard copy or online PDF only. For those who join OV, club membership is free. Second club membership remain at $5.

Social membership remains at $5. Social Members are generally long standing members who no longer take part in events but are happy to help at events, join in social activities or just keep in touch through our newsletters. They may be in a family with active orienteers, but not active themselves.

People who take part in any OV sanctioned events are now expected to join a club and OV. Members who participate in park and street, can’t be social members only.

Please pay social membership fee direct to the club treasurer, Schon Hudson or membership secretary, Rob Edmonds. Social membership is no longer available online through Eventor.