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Emus Online May 2023

Carolyn Layton organised Sunday’s MelbushO at Brimbank Park on April 30.

A big shout out to Matthew Layton who set the courses. He must be the youngest course setter we have had.

Carolyn thanked everyone who assisted in the running of such a successful event.  The weather was beautiful, and the feedback has been positive.  Special thanks to:

  • Laurie Niven for her behind the scenes mentoring and support to both Matt and me throughout the preparation process and for her dedication to the finish computer on the day!  
  • Ron Frederick for rescuing the trailer early Sunday morning and finish tent support.
  • Geoff Armstrong for finish tent support and other bits and pieces that I’m sure I didn’t see.
  • David Prentice, Helen Edmonds and Lauris Stirling for running registration extremely efficiently. Schon Hudson for offering support! 
  • Geoff Hudson for IT support at various crucial times
  • Jim Glaspole and Josie Yeatman were first on scene to help with set up.
  • Anna Greenhalgh, Izzy Greenhalgh, Benny Greenhalgh, Josh Layton, Helen Edmonds, Ron Frederick and Laurie Niven collected controls.  
  • Peter Maloney for helping with pack up. 

And in the background, there was always Warwick Davis (Tuckonie) who supplied the map and organised the printing, Rex Niven who started towing the trailer on Sunday morning and Robert Edmonds answering all the questions!’

Course 1

Our club also ran the Victorian Long Distance Mountain Bike Champs at Muckleford on April 23. (Report by organiser and course setter Rob Edmonds)

I would like to thank Helen Edmonds for her great support and Derek Morris for thoroughly checking the courses and the map.

There were 77 entries with 28 entries from New Zealand and interstate. A large contingent celebrated at the Five Flags Hotel, Campbell’s Creek on Saturday night after the Short and Middle Champs were run that day.

Our small team of helpers was kept on its toes. Geoff Armstrong, Ron Wescott, Cheryl Taylor and Derek Morris operated the start. Helen and David Prentice looked after Admin. Laurie Niven and Greg Tamblyn ran the finish.

Ron Frederick was waylaid due to COVID but had already checked the courses for the Saturday events.

Ron conducting te start and Derek at righty clearing SIAC sticks
Geoff checking off start times.

The Maxi was run on March 19 at Mt Franklin Gorge

Derek Morris’s course was well received by 86 competitors. No one completed the course, but a few got close. Callum White was the overall winner of 3 the hour with 1490 points after losing 70 due to late penalties.

Mark Baxter won the 90 minute event with 700 points.

Phil Giddings finished 2nd in M60 class. Alice Edmonds and Jack Adhore were 2nd in Mixed 21 and David Prentice, Alex Zhou and Yiran Wang 4th.

Matthew Layton finished 1st in M15: 90 min; Laurel Johnson and Laurie Niven 1st in W60: 90 min; Carolyn & Josh Layton 2nd in Family: 90 min

Lauris provided a Stirling service with the catering and Martine Barrot was invaluable in admin and in assisting Lauris. Helen also provided tremendous support on admin and catering. Ron helped in setting up on Saturday in very warm conditions. Many members helped collect the controls after the event which was greatly appreciated.

Ron Frederick received his OAM at Government House in early April.
Ron pictured with his 3 offspring – Andrew, Roslyn and Bruce
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Emus Online February 2023

The featured image was taken on a Derby MTB trail.

  • Congratulations to Ron Frederick on being awarded an OAM in the Australia Day Honours.
  • Orienteering is heating up with Summer Series events finals not far off and bush events getting under way. The Maxi is a good event to get started.
  • Welcome to new club members Hamish Bassett and Bernadette Murray also, Laurel Johnson who is about to join.
  • Rex Niven has been in the Box Hill hospital for 8 days. We wish him a speedy recovery.
  • Dorothy Adrian today is keen to hear from anyone who can give her a ride to events.
  • Mark Baxter and Ron Frederick enjoyed the Christmas 5 Day in the Southern Highlands of NSW.
  • The Carberry’s – John, Leone and Goy and Rob and Helen Edmonds competed in the Oceania Series near St Helens in Tasmania in January.
  • Rob and Helen stayed on in Tassie for other adventures which included camping at Bruny Island, Mt Field NP and Cradle Mountain, lots of walking at places like Cradle Mountain, Blue Tiers, Cape Hauy, Labillardiere Peninsula, the Adventure Bay Sea cliffs, Tarn Shelf and Wineglass Bay, riding the Scottsdale to Billycock Hill Rail Trail, Maria Island, Derby and St Helens MTB Parks and MONA.
Camping at Pyengana for the Oceania Champs
Goy and Leone prepare for the Middle Distance Oceania Champs at the Argonaut, St Helens
Scottsdale to Billycock Hill Rail Trail
Helen on Cradle Mountain with Barnes Bluff in background
Above Halls Falls, Groom River, Beautiful place for a cool dip

Results & Maps (

Upcoming Events organised by Nillumbik Emus

Feb 15   Wednesday Summer Series, Quamby

Feb 16   Thursday Day Summer Series, Heidelberg Heights

Feb 18   BikeO-75 Templestowe Trails MTBO, starting at Eltham Lower Park

Feb 28   Tuesday Summer Series, Altona Mound

Mar 2    Thursday Day Summer Series, Templestowe Trails P&S, starting at Petty’s Reserve

Mar 9    Thursday Day Summer Series, Ruffey Lake

Mar 19 Maxi Mt Franklin Gorge, Guildford

Mar 27  Monday Summer Series, Riviera

Mar 29 Wednesday Summer Series, Tunstall Junction

April 2nd Ballarat: The Victorian Relays will be organised by the Eureka Club. Club members are encouraged to take part in teams of three.

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Scanned photos from Bill Johnson’s Newsletters dating back to the era around the 1990s

Bill’s Photos Scanned – Dropbox

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Emus Online October 2022

Nillumbik Emus Online October 2022

Covering – The Carnival, upcoming events including the Maxi and the Club Relays

The Australian Championship Carnival is done and dusted. Congratulations to everyone who took part and assisted 0n a job well done, especially considering the weather we experienced in the last month.

Our club, led by Ron Frederick, organised the on the day running of the Australian Middle Distance Champs at Blackwood. And with the weather Gods smiling on us we had a glorious Spring Day.

The map was quite different for gold mining terrain and courses were very challenging. The left over workings form goldmining was very rocky ground. The scale of the map, 1:5000, was most appropriate for showing the intricate details of trenches and erosion gullies.

Well done to course setter (Neil Barr), mapper Fredrik Johansson and Event Advisor (Chris Norwood) and map printing by Jim Russell.

We had lots of club members assisting on the day and the days before which all made the event possible and smoothly run.  

Finish Chute – Blackwood next to the Lerderderg River (photo by David Prentice)

The Maxi is being held on Sunday October 16 at Mt Franklin Gorge

Entries are now open for the teams or individual categories on Eventor. You can choose the 3 hour or 1.5 hour score events in either category. Expect to cover 5-10k in the 1.5 hour and 12-20k in the 3 hour.

We need helpers on the day to help with catering and control collection and packing up. Importantly, we would like a few helpers to assist Lauris Stirling with catering. Please contact Lauris or Rob Edmonds if you can assist.

Derek Morris, Rob Edmonds and Ron Frederick will be placing out controls on the 13th October.

We will set up arena on Saturday arvo’ and camp on site. Feel free to join us.

Club Relays October 23

This event is just calling for your participation. The event is near Heathcote (McIvor Highway).

The information flyer explains all event the details but the dates and start time have not been updated since the event was postponed in June.

Do not pay when entering as the club will pay entry fees in one block. The club treasurer will collect half your entry fee by EFT. The subsidy means that adults pay $10 and juniors $5.

Entry Platform

Ron Frederick is our organiser for club teams.

Please contact Ron by email or 0418 994 841 for an early start if you have an afternoon commitment. First leg runners start is at 10:30am.

Video of mass start at the Australian Relays

Condolences: It is with great sorrow that we pass on our condolences to the Stirling and Edmonds Family for the passing of Ian Stirling and Daniel Edmonds in the past month.

Lincoln Erm sustained a painful injury at the Mt Alexander event last Tuesday. Lincoln slipped and cracked several ribs on a fallen log. He managed to reach first aid and return home with his wife. He will be out of action for a few weeks, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Trophies for the Australian Champs
Ron preparing for his run in the arena.
Helen surveying the line at the loos
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Emus Online August 2022

Our next event is the Spring Series at Crocodile Reservoir on our Evenmoore map. Carolyn Layton, fresh from setting her first MelBush event has planned her first bush event courses for this event.

Carolyn admiring the view from the footbridge over the Yarra near Candlebark Park

Ron Frederick is the key organiser on the day and is putting out the call for helpers. As usual, helpers are also encouraged to participate. Geoff Armstrong completed the course checking.

Please contact Ron Frederick or Robert Edmonds if you are willing and able to assist.

There is free camping at assembly area with basic facilities and it is always very sociable. We are looking for a few to also help on Saturday arvo.

  • The Australian Carnival begins on Grand Final day Saturday September 4 with the Victorian Middle Distance Champs and concludes on October 2 with the Relays.

Our club is involved in organising the Australian Middle Distance Champs on Sunday 25th September. As many club volunteers as possible are needed to help with this event which will be held at Blackwood. Consider booking local accommodation as some (but not all) will be required to be on the job early. You will be able to have a run as well so please enter. There are already more than 400 entries for this event and are expected to be more than double this number.

Please contact Ron Frederick if you are willing and able to assist.

Entries are now open for whole Carnival and close on August 31. Program

  • Entries are also open for the Maxi which will be held on October 16 on the Mt Franklin Gorge map near Daylesford. Enter a team or go by yourself in this popular score event which has a mass start and a hash house at the finish, all included in the entry fee. Derek Morris is our course planner and Lauris Stirling will be organising the catering.
  • We welcome two new members from the Beard family. Jenny and her son, Isaac joined the club after attending a recent junior squad training weekend.
  • Two of our Juniors made the Victorian Schools team which will compete in the Australian Schools Competition at the Carnival in the Sprint, Long and Relay events. Congratulations to Izzy Greenhalgh (Junior Girls) and Matthew Layton (Junior Boys) for their selection in the State team. Our club will be sponsoring Izzy and Matthew, and other eligible club juniors taking part in the schools’ section of the Carnival.
  • The number of members attending recent events has been impressive. 16 members took part in Sunday’s event at Eppalock, 16 attended the Melbush event near Kangaroo Ground the week before and 17 made the trip to Deadman’s Flat, Fryerstown, the week before that.
  • The August Council Meeting for Orienteering Victoria will be held at 7.30pm on Friday, August 26, via Zoom. Would anyone like to attend on behalf of the club? Please contact the club secretary Rex Niven if you are willing and able to attend.

Vin Maloney Trophy day – August 21  MelbushO at Hawkestowe Park, South Morang

The annual Vin Maloney Trophy competition will be held at the MelbushO Hawkestowe event on August 21, 2022.

No special entry is required – just enter the event as per Eventor entry. NE members will be included in the Vin Maloney competition.

Please pre-enter online so that Don Fell has more time to prepare for the day.

Click on the link to enter.

This is a Melbush competition with the winner being the NE member with the fastest age adjusted speed (lowest km rate).

The competition is open to any club member who completes their course which shall be of “Hard” standard for 16+ age groups, and Medium for younger age groups.

Age groups are as per the Victorian Championships.

Handicaps will be published at the event and will be based this year on WMA tables (as also used by Parkrun). There may be an additional adjustment for course length so that someone running Course 3 does not have an advantage over someone the same age running Course 1.

Don Fell is testing the handicaps against past years’ results to compare with previous years’ handicaps which were based on results from Victorian orienteering State Series events.

To be held on the outskirts of Melbourne NE suburbs this event has been selected because of its proximity to most club member residences and the organisation is by another club, meaning no NE members will miss the run due to having to help at the event.

Coming Events

Coming Events

This post gives members some information about upcoming bush events

All other events are listed on Eventor including Bush, Park/Street and Mountain Bike events. There are a few events coming up which you are invited to help at and take part in.

August 7   MTBO at Sandon State Forest near Newstead. DETAILS For inquiries contact organiser Robert Edmonds by email

August 28  FootO VIC Series at Crocodile Reservoir near Castlemaine. DETAILS Course Setter- Carolyn Layton, Organiser- Ron Frederick. email: for further details. Please note, Ron is looking for a co-organiser.

Sept 24-Oct 2     Australian Carnival: Full PROGRAM Ron Frederick is the organiser for the Australian Middle Distance Champs to be held at Blackwood on September 25. Neil Barr is the Course Setter and Chris Norward event advisor. Don Fell will be the advisor for the Schools Relay.

Entries close August 31.

Oct 16   The Maxi at Mt Franklin Gorge. Derek Morris has already started checking out the map, loolkingb for a suitable arena and course setting. For inquiries email:

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Emus Online July 2022

Emus Online

Emu Droppings July 2020

Emu Droppings

The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above

We are all looking forward to getting out in the countryside. Grampians Rail trail on featured image and the Black Range below

Who are we?

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Emus Droppings May 2020

Emu Droppings

The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above

Club get together at The Dig Café in Newstead the night before a big event.
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Emu Droppings April 2020

Emu Droppings

Edited by Geoff Hudson The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above

Ron Frederick being presented with the club’s trophy for winning the club championship by Don Fell at the AGM
Coming Events

Martine Barrot wins Park Street Course Setter of the Year Award

Martine at the finish of the Waterford Valley event with her fluffy emu

Martine was invited to write a few comments about her experience and tell us a little more about herself. Congratulations Martine on a superb job.

“Along with my partner Andrew Johnston we started orienteering mid-2018. By late December 2018 we started going to Monday night StreetO regularly and quickly became hooked, at the same time we also discovered Geoff’s (Hudson) Suburban Adventure Racing series which we also love.

Through the Autumn/ Winter series in 2019 we decided to do both Monday and Wednesday nights as by this stage we were both well and truly addicted to the sport. Andrew has also taken me Rogaining on some 6 and 12 hour events, and we have done a couple of Metrogaines as well. When Lauris Stirling put the call out for course setters towards the end of the Winter series we both thought we’d have a go at setting a course each, and after an OCAD training course with Geoff, I started setting my very first course using the Waterford Gully map in Rowville. With no experience in course setting I didn’t really have too much of a plan.

My goal was to keep the controls as consistently spaced as I could and to use as much of the map as I could by going out to all corners of the map without being too long in distance. From there I just focused on trying to have route choices in every possible direction, I tried to make it so that as a runner there was not an immediately obvious drop of controls for course A, then being a power walker myself making sure there was enough options for those wanting to walk short and long distances. I feel I was very fortunate the event I chose to course set lent itself to providing multiple options, with winding streets going off in all different directions, with a few parks providing cut throughs and the basin through the middle providing ways to link as well. I was so nervous on the night as to what people would think, everyone was so complimentary, and now to have won the award on my very first attempt I’m a bit shocked, it’s certainly a confidence boost to do more course setting in the future.”

The Map and Course

Emus Online

Emu Droppings February 2020

Emu Droppings

Edited by Geoff Hudson The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above

New colour map of Eltham Lower Park and Candlebark Park


Emus Online

Emu Droppings November 2019

Emu Droppings

Edited by Geoff Hudson The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above

P1010005 v2
Tristan with grandfather Peter Lewis at the School Champs Maroondah Reservoir

Emus Online

Emu Droppings September 2019

Emu Droppings

Edited by Geoff Hudson The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above

Emus Online

Emus Online July 2018

Emus Online

Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

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Emus Online May 2018

Emus Online

Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition of the newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

MT LOFTY AUTUMN BUSH SERIES #2 Sunday 15th April 2018

A great new area, to the West of Redesdale. It was discovered by Rex Niven and mapped by Alex Tarr. The weather was most unpleasant on the Saturday, when we were setting up. However, on the event day, we only had a very small amount of rain, with patches of sunshine.

The event was a great success with over 150 participants thanks in particular to Course setter Rex Niven, Event adviser Russell Bulman and organiser Ron Frederick. The IT team of Geoff Hudson, Rob Edmonds and Don Fell overcame the usual hurdles running new software and the registration team, headed by Laurie Niven handled matters smoothly at the rego tent.

Ron and Rob towed the toilets and club trailer. Rex and Laurie, Ron and Russell, Helen and Rob camped out at the event site and enjoyed dinner at the Redesdale pub over a bottle of Red Dog Shiraz or was that dead dog. That’s how we felt when we settled in for an early night. Another 14 NE members who helped with parking, start, finish, control collection and general pack up.

The area is generally runnable spur gully with isolated rock and some thicker bush in the South, well away from the shorter courses. Rex negotiated with an adjoining land owner to use one of her paddocks for parking. Most participants gave favourable feedback. It was suggested that the area would be suitable for School groups and/ or relays, as it is relatively small and surrounded by open farm land.

Event Reports

MT LOFTY AUTUMN BUSH SERIES #2 Sunday 15th April 2018

A great new area, West of Redesdale. Discovered by Rex Niven and mapped by Alex Tarr.

The event was a great success thanks in particular to : Course setter Rex Niven

Event adviser Russell Bulman and Organiser Ron Frederick.

IT team : Geoff Hudson, Rob Edmonds and Don Fell.

Registration team, headed by Laurie Niven.

Toilet and trailer towers Ron and Rob.

Another 10 or so NE members who helped with parking, pre start, finish, control collection and general pack up.

The area is generally runnable, spur gully with isolated rock and some thicker bush in the South, well away from the shorter courses.

Weather unpleasant on the Saturday, when we were setting up. However, on the event day, we only had a very small amount of rain, with patches of sunshine.

Rex negotiated with an adjoining land owner to use one of her paddocks for parking.

Most participants gave favourable feedback. It was suggested that the area would be suitable for school groups and/or relays, as it is relatively small and surrounded by open farm land.

Mt lofty results
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Emus Online March/April 2018

Emus Online

Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

Badge Scheme

The Orienteering Australia Badge Scheme recognises the achievements of a consistent orienteering standard relative to one’s age-group peers.
The standard attained is recognised through a Gold, Silver or Bronze Badge. The year in which the badge qualification is achieved, and the orienteer’s age-group are included on the badge. Orienteers qualify for an OA Merit Badge by earning three credits at specific events within a two year period. The two year period commences on the date of the event at which the first credit is earned.

  • Gold Credits are awarded to finishers in E and A Classes whose times are within the Winners time x 1.25.
  • Silver Credits are awarded to finishers in E, A and AS Classes whose times are within the Winners time x 1.50.
  • Bronze Credits are awarded to finishers in E, A, AS and B classes whose times are within the Winners time x 2.00.

The events at which badge credits may be earned are:

  • Australian Long Distance, Middle Distance and Sprint Orienteering Championships;
  • Australian 3-Days; Long Distance Orienteering Championships of ACT, NSW, Queensland, SA, Tasmania, Victoria and WA;
  • Nominated Orienteering Australia controlled badge events; and any other special event or Orienteering Australia controlled event as approved by Orienteering Australia.

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Emus Online February 2018

Emus Online

Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

AGM   Park and Street Fixtures   MTBO Summer Series   Sprint Carnival   MTBO Carnival   New Map   Bush Fixtures   Rogaining   Strategy Day   Easter Carnival   Membership

Featured image was taken at the Map of Tower Hill Game Reserve near Warrnambool.

Lead Story

Welcome to two new members – Peter Hill and Judy Hill from Castlemaine. Peter joins M70 this year and has a very strong cycling and MTBO background. He is no slouch on foot either. Judy joins W70 this year and likes to get out on her bike as well as helping at events. The Hills join Ron Wescott and Cheryl Taylor as our Castlemaine members. Previous members who lived in Castlemaine were Janet Fitzwater and Arthur Thurlow and Jill King from Harcourt.

Peter managed to finish the Cadel Evens ride on Australia Day weekend. He covered 115 km with 1000 metres of climb. The weather was perfect, moist for the first 2 hrs and warm the next 2.  Approximately 4000 riders took part. Anyone who watched the professionals racing on Sunday in extreme heat realised what a heck of a climb the riders had up Challumbra Hill. Andrew Innes, an erstwhile member of NE also finished the public race.

An enjoyable afternoon was had by all at the AGM. Ron gave a talk on his overseas travels to South America – Peru, Ecuador, Chile and the Galapagos Islands with Rob Stephenson. Highlights included the Inca stonework, not just at Machu Picchu and the constant and varied wild life of the Galápagos Islands was not far behind.

Ron also visited Iceland which he thoroughly recommends if you have a platinum credit card. Spectacular scenery! It wasn’t particularly cold in the Northern summer. He also made another great trip organised by John Bailes through the VNPA with day walks in the Lakes District, Bath, Balmoral, Whitby and Brighton areas.

Rob and Helen Edmonds shared some pictures of their trip on the Coast to Coast walk and their visit to Ireland, Scotland and England. 

The new committee was elected with few changes. Ian Parry joined the committee; Ron Frederick retains the Presidency; Schon Hudson – Treasurer; Rex Niven – Secretary; Rob Edmonds Membership and Newsletter; Lauris – StreetO Coordinator; Dorothy Adrian, Geoff Hudson, Don Fell, Fiona Fell and Joyce Rowlands.

PS Ron Frederick was a real New Age Traveller. With Prue Dobbin, he visited Tassie to practice orienteering navigation in sand dune country, in preparation for NZ. For the first time, the Australian Easter 3 Day Orienteering competition was held in the North Island of NZ. Ron hired a small campervan with Tim Dent and enjoyed a few day walks, including the Tongariro Crossing in great weather.

Awards: Geoff Armstrong won the Vin Maloney Trophy for 2017.

Rogaining featured on ABC Radio on January 17. Here is the link to the podcast under the title ‘The bluffer’s guide to rogaining’ – an interview with Neil Phillips.

Also, Catalyst Series 18 The Secret To Making Better Decisions; Featuring a Score Orienteering Event. DOCUMENTARY

From the science of making choices to the solving power of algorithms, Mathematician Lily Serna looks at how the logic of mathematics can help you make better, smarter decisions. #ABCcatalyst

Now on iView

Broadcast 8:30pm Tue 30 Jan 2018. Published 3 days ago, available until 9:30pm on 29 Jan 2021. File size approx. 473 MB

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Emus Online December 2017

Emus Online

Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition of the newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

Fixtures scheduled for 2018 Nillumbik Emus (not Park & StreetO)

A lot of planning goes into scheduling the Orienteering fixtures each year. Nillumbik Emus plays a very significant part in running events on the OV program. Laurie Niven has also been working hard on behalf of OV, as Fixtures Convener, to put together a cohesive program for next year. It will be greatly appreciated if you can put your hand up to organise or course set one of these events next year.

Feb-25 MTBO summer75 series Woodlands, Tullamarine
Apr-15 Vic Autumn Series Mt Lofty, Redesdale (new area)
Apr-29 MelBush 2 Hawkestowe Park, Plenty Gorge
July-15 MelBush 6 Woodlands, Tullamarine
July-29 Vic MTBO Series You Yangs, Geelong
Sept-16 Vic Long Champs Crocodile Reservoir, Castlemaine
Oct-28 Maxi Lal Lal, Ballan

Emus Online

Emus Online October 2017

Emus Online

Edited by Robert Edmonds The entire PDF edition can be reached by clicking on the link above

Off the Map

Congratulations to Joyce Rowlands on reaching her 85th birthday which she celebrated in style at York on Lilydale last Saturday.

Congratulations and best wishes to Rob Fell on his new role with Orienteering Victoria. Rob is moving into the role of Promotions and Development Officer, a role held by Peta Whitford for many years.

Many members have ventured overseas. Phil Giddings completed an epic ride of the west coast of Norway.

Dorothy Adrian is just back from walking the Camino Trail (41 days).

Ian and Lauris Stirling visited the USA. Lauris and Ian headed up to the Maxi on the day after they arrived back where Lauris organised the catering.

Rob and Helen Edmonds walked and part rode the Coast to Coast trail in their trip through Ireland and the UK.

The much-travelled Ron Frederick visited South America and the Galapagos Islands.

Geoff and Schon completed their annual European sojourn with some orienteering in the Jura in France.

Don and Fiona visited Northumbria and Sweden earlier in the year and will be heading off to Paris for some canal barging and orienteering.

Event Reports

Little Forest Report

Little Forest_2017


Video of Simon Rouse: Geoff Hudson sent this link to me and thought it was very impressive – heart rate shown….but the puffing and the way he talks to himself tells the story too. He passes Rob Edmonds on the way down to the creek from control 5.

Event Reports

Woodlands MTBO


Woodlands Summer 75 #3 – Saturday Feb 18, 6 pm

Nillumbik Emus ran the event on a well loved Tuckonie map with the assistance of some TK members. With 53 riders gathered there was plenty of action around the assembly area. The Woodlands map has been updated with the 2 x 4 track system and some newly mapped areas. Keith Wade put a lot of thought into the course planning. Geoff and Schon Hudson set up the registration and results system on the clubs new computers. Geoff has developed a very user friendly and compact system with results going up on a screen and a small but powerful battery storage.

All was going well until John Gavens had a serious fall which required a rescue. Phil Giddings abandoned his course to assist and with another rider Gavin Thomas raised the alarm. Thank you also to Carolyn Cusworth for rendering assistance. Keith and Rob drove out and brought John Gavens back to base. He was driven to hospital but fortunately, though sustaining a badly strained shoulder, suffered no breakages or dislocations, as first feared.

Other club members present were Joyce Rowlands who got a bit lost finding the event site, Jim Glaspole who had a solid ride.,Jeff Hughes who assisted with packing up, Daniel Edmonds and Peter Maloney who collected some controls before dark after solid rides. Helen Edmonds helped put out controls and Ron Frederick helped set up and pack up. Phil collected some controls, getting in just before dark; but one control had to be collected next day. Thanks to Geoff and Schon for fetching it in.

Results of all Summer Series events Here

Woodlands results include Route Gadget

Rob Edmonds

Emus Online

Emus Online January 2017

Emus Online

Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition of this newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the link above


Pictured above: Bill Johnson, Joyce and Russell Yeoman – Easter Day 2 near Warwick in Queensland in the 1990s. Congratulations to Joyce Rowlands and Graeme Cadman on being recognised by the International Orienteering Federation for being the oldest Mountain Bike Orienteers in World Masters Competition, both being over 80 years old. Joyce is 84 and Graeme is nearly 86.

Pictured: Helen Edmonds, Joyce and Ron Frederick on the day Joyce lost the bike off the back of her car at Korweinguboora.

Event Reports

Copperfield Rocks

Don wrote: There were 64 entries at Copperfield Rocks. I was very happy with the turnout as many of our people don’t travel far out of the Williamstown-Yarraville comfort zone.

Navigating my way by car through the streets was one of the worst experiences of my life – comparable to losing contact with the map in the middle of The Cascades!

Fortunately, it was much easier for the competitors on foot.

Anne Robinson wrote: An interesting new map “Copperfield Rocks” in Delahey for the Tuesday Western Summer series. Don Fell’s course setting provided more route choices than obvious at first glance and there were some close finishes and much comparison afterwards. The complex street network with pedestrian and bike access paths was a challenge in some ways but allows the locals to get out and about. Several orienteers commented on the numbers that were in the streets and parks and many gave us a friendly greeting. Not always the case!

Emus Online

Emus Online November 2016

Emus Online

Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition can be viewed by clicking on the link


by Alicia Ciacic

On Friday, 23rd September most of the Victorian schools orienteering team met at Tullamarine airport to fly to Queensland for the Australian Orienteering Championships.  We were all very excited.

This year is a bit different to what has happened in the past in that we were going to be moving locations three times. Our first stop was Burleigh Heads.  We were staying here for four nights.  On Saturday, we competed in our first event which was the Australian Sprint Championships at Griffith University.  This was a fun day.

On the Sunday was the Australian Relay championships and I was the third runner with Karina and Sarah being my other team mates. The Monday was the first event of the Secondary Schools championships.  The first event was the sprints and then there was the individuals and then the relays. I found this year to be a lot more challenging than last year.  This was because I moved into senior girls. 

Some of the terrain in Queensland was like Kooyoora. We had a lot of fun and also got to visit Sea World and play mini golf in some of our spare time.

Other members to take part in the Australian Champs Carnival in Queensland were Sue Healy, Geoff Armstrong, Leone Carberry, Jenelle Templeton and John Carberry. Sue Healy won medals in W85 in the Australian Sprint, Middle and Long Champs.

Congratulations: Don and Fiona Fell completed the 4 peaks on Melbourne Cup weekend.

Day 1: Up and down Mystic Mountain near Wandiligong

Day 2: Mt Feathertop from Harrietville as far as the hut as the peak was under snow

Day 3: Mt Hotham from Harrietville

Day 4: Mt Buffalo from the main road before the climb.

Don and Fiona are making a quick recovery to compete in the Marysville half marathon on the following weekend.

Emus Online

Emus Online August 8, 2016

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Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

Christmas in July by Jenelle Templeton

Great company, fine food and good fun. This was the reward for venturing out on a chilly winter’s night for the annual NE Christmas in July celebrations. The setting was complete with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and giant sized blow up Santa.

We were treated to entrée of sushi, followed by a delicious array of roast pork with crackling, turkey, baked vegetables with all the trimmings.

A necessary break from the meal (to make room for dessert) was provided by Rob with several games. They provided an opportunity to get to know our fellow members a little better, a little team building and challenge our map reading skills.

Dessert was well worth the wait, an ice-cream Christmas Pudding as well as a traditional Christmas pudding with custard sauce.

Christmas in July was completed with the mandatory Kris Kringle. It was obvious that a lot of thought had been given to gifts and some were in high demand as they changed ownership several times.

Thank you to all that attended the night. A special thanks goes to Lauris for coordinating and preparing the meal. A truly magnificent effort. Thank you to all the helpers who contributed to make the night such a success.

“Some very creative Kris Kringles were on offer. When I opened my present, I found a large jar filled with the ingredients and a recipe for cookies. They baked up very nicely. Thank you from, Rob.”

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Emus Online May 2016

Emus Online

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The Geelong Cyclogaine/Metrogaine was held on a lovely, Autumn day. The event centre was at the Geelong Canoe Club headquarters on the Moorabool River.

Club members who took part included Phil Giddings who also assisted with admin. Rosemarie de Haas and Michael Horne were in charge of the catering team.

There were 44 teams in the Metrogaine. Michael Hayward & David Ashburner finished 3rd in MensVet and 7th overall with 1650 points. Phil Giddings & Rob Mason were 1st in MensSuperVet and 8th overall with 1610 points.

There were 37 teams in the Cyclogaine. Rob and Helen Edmonds finished 2nd in the mixed and 3rd overall with 2500 points. Peter Maloney & Pam Braithwaite scored 1250 points in finishing 26th overall.

OWLS “Orienteers Who Lunch” by Sue Healy

Nillumbik members who missed out on this year’s OWLs lunch should get in touch with Sue Healy to register their interest in next year’s lunch. This year’s get together was great! The Gisborne Peak Winery did us proud.

There were quite a lot of ex-orienteers who still remember their glory days as well as many regulars to exchange information about their best (not so much their worst) events. Jan recognises that she needs to be careful about the date – school holidays etc. Older orienteers are apt to be grandparents first and lunchers after. But we talked and talked over old triumphs and disasters most of the afternoon.

If you think you would like to be kept informed about next year’s let Sue know. The Davidsons were there; it warms your heart to see how many people are still interested in the sport and people, long after they have stopped competing.

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Emus Online February 2016

Emus Online

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The club trailer has been rewired with the addition of LED rear lights; The wheel hubs were replaced on both wheels with new with bearing kits. Cost $441.70

Geoff Hudson has procured the club’s new SI gear and is in the process of making up a kit that will make it operationally smooth and convenient. The club has spent about $11,000 on the gear which will make us more self-sufficient. Geoff is also hoping to buy a couple of splits printers for $140.

The club has also paid the update of the OEScore software for $260. We now have the latest software to use in events like the Maxi, The Enduros and Summer Series MTBO events.

The Summer Street Series is coming to an end and the new Winter Series fixtures will soon be out.

Club Website Please check out the new club website developed by Rob Fell. Let me know what you think about it. The platform is the basic free version of WordPress with limited functionality.

New Maps

Blackhill and Bald Hill maps are nearing completion and are another area of significant club expenditures. Rex Niven is overseeing production and we are hoping to run bush sprint events on them in 2017.

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Emus Online August 2015

Emus Online

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Tarrengower Maxi, Maldon

The Maxi was held for the first time on the Mt Tarrengower map, Maldon. Derek Morris took the initiative to course set on the Bendigo OC map; a huge 1:10,000, A2 map. The Maldon Netball/Football club rooms gave the organisers a great venue for admin and catering. Late July can be quite cool and this day was no exception. Fortunately the forest was dry and the 82 competitors who set out soon warmed up. Ben Goonan and Craig Feuerherdt had a very close finish, both finishing the entire course of 30 controls, only 8 minutes apart.

Congratulations to Thorlene Egerton for her superb effort, scoring 1500 points. Bruce Arthur would almost certainly have finished the course and given Ben and Craig a run for their money had he not had a late start Alice and Helen Edmonds were the overall winners in the team category as well as the open female class. Patrick Jaffe won the junior male class and Asha Steer was the winning junior female.

A pleasing aspect was the number of first timers who took part. Competitors enjoyed hot soups, cakes and fruit after the event, provided by Lauris Stirling and the catering crew.

Thank you to everyone who took part and assisted with the running of the event. A big thank you to Derek Morris for the time and effort he put into the event. The courses were well received and there were many positive comments.