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Emus Online February 2018

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Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

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Featured image was taken at the Map of Tower Hill Game Reserve near Warrnambool.

Lead Story

Welcome to two new members – Peter Hill and Judy Hill from Castlemaine. Peter joins M70 this year and has a very strong cycling and MTBO background. He is no slouch on foot either. Judy joins W70 this year and likes to get out on her bike as well as helping at events. The Hills join Ron Wescott and Cheryl Taylor as our Castlemaine members. Previous members who lived in Castlemaine were Janet Fitzwater and Arthur Thurlow and Jill King from Harcourt.

Peter managed to finish the Cadel Evens ride on Australia Day weekend. He covered 115 km with 1000 metres of climb. The weather was perfect, moist for the first 2 hrs and warm the next 2.  Approximately 4000 riders took part. Anyone who watched the professionals racing on Sunday in extreme heat realised what a heck of a climb the riders had up Challumbra Hill. Andrew Innes, an erstwhile member of NE also finished the public race.

An enjoyable afternoon was had by all at the AGM. Ron gave a talk on his overseas travels to South America – Peru, Ecuador, Chile and the Galapagos Islands with Rob Stephenson. Highlights included the Inca stonework, not just at Machu Picchu and the constant and varied wild life of the Galápagos Islands was not far behind.

Ron also visited Iceland which he thoroughly recommends if you have a platinum credit card. Spectacular scenery! It wasn’t particularly cold in the Northern summer. He also made another great trip organised by John Bailes through the VNPA with day walks in the Lakes District, Bath, Balmoral, Whitby and Brighton areas.

Rob and Helen Edmonds shared some pictures of their trip on the Coast to Coast walk and their visit to Ireland, Scotland and England. 

The new committee was elected with few changes. Ian Parry joined the committee; Ron Frederick retains the Presidency; Schon Hudson – Treasurer; Rex Niven – Secretary; Rob Edmonds Membership and Newsletter; Lauris – StreetO Coordinator; Dorothy Adrian, Geoff Hudson, Don Fell, Fiona Fell and Joyce Rowlands.

PS Ron Frederick was a real New Age Traveller. With Prue Dobbin, he visited Tassie to practice orienteering navigation in sand dune country, in preparation for NZ. For the first time, the Australian Easter 3 Day Orienteering competition was held in the North Island of NZ. Ron hired a small campervan with Tim Dent and enjoyed a few day walks, including the Tongariro Crossing in great weather.

Awards: Geoff Armstrong won the Vin Maloney Trophy for 2017.

Rogaining featured on ABC Radio on January 17. Here is the link to the podcast under the title ‘The bluffer’s guide to rogaining’ – an interview with Neil Phillips.

Also, Catalyst Series 18 The Secret To Making Better Decisions; Featuring a Score Orienteering Event. DOCUMENTARY

From the science of making choices to the solving power of algorithms, Mathematician Lily Serna looks at how the logic of mathematics can help you make better, smarter decisions. #ABCcatalyst

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