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Emus Online May 2023

Carolyn Layton organised Sunday’s MelbushO at Brimbank Park on April 30.

A big shout out to Matthew Layton who set the courses. He must be the youngest course setter we have had.

Carolyn thanked everyone who assisted in the running of such a successful event.  The weather was beautiful, and the feedback has been positive.  Special thanks to:

  • Laurie Niven for her behind the scenes mentoring and support to both Matt and me throughout the preparation process and for her dedication to the finish computer on the day!  
  • Ron Frederick for rescuing the trailer early Sunday morning and finish tent support.
  • Geoff Armstrong for finish tent support and other bits and pieces that I’m sure I didn’t see.
  • David Prentice, Helen Edmonds and Lauris Stirling for running registration extremely efficiently. Schon Hudson for offering support! 
  • Geoff Hudson for IT support at various crucial times
  • Jim Glaspole and Josie Yeatman were first on scene to help with set up.
  • Anna Greenhalgh, Izzy Greenhalgh, Benny Greenhalgh, Josh Layton, Helen Edmonds, Ron Frederick and Laurie Niven collected controls.  
  • Peter Maloney for helping with pack up. 

And in the background, there was always Warwick Davis (Tuckonie) who supplied the map and organised the printing, Rex Niven who started towing the trailer on Sunday morning and Robert Edmonds answering all the questions!’

Course 1

Our club also ran the Victorian Long Distance Mountain Bike Champs at Muckleford on April 23. (Report by organiser and course setter Rob Edmonds)

I would like to thank Helen Edmonds for her great support and Derek Morris for thoroughly checking the courses and the map.

There were 77 entries with 28 entries from New Zealand and interstate. A large contingent celebrated at the Five Flags Hotel, Campbell’s Creek on Saturday night after the Short and Middle Champs were run that day.

Our small team of helpers was kept on its toes. Geoff Armstrong, Ron Wescott, Cheryl Taylor and Derek Morris operated the start. Helen and David Prentice looked after Admin. Laurie Niven and Greg Tamblyn ran the finish.

Ron Frederick was waylaid due to COVID but had already checked the courses for the Saturday events.

Ron conducting te start and Derek at righty clearing SIAC sticks
Geoff checking off start times.

The Maxi was run on March 19 at Mt Franklin Gorge

Derek Morris’s course was well received by 86 competitors. No one completed the course, but a few got close. Callum White was the overall winner of 3 the hour with 1490 points after losing 70 due to late penalties.

Mark Baxter won the 90 minute event with 700 points.

Phil Giddings finished 2nd in M60 class. Alice Edmonds and Jack Adhore were 2nd in Mixed 21 and David Prentice, Alex Zhou and Yiran Wang 4th.

Matthew Layton finished 1st in M15: 90 min; Laurel Johnson and Laurie Niven 1st in W60: 90 min; Carolyn & Josh Layton 2nd in Family: 90 min

Lauris provided a Stirling service with the catering and Martine Barrot was invaluable in admin and in assisting Lauris. Helen also provided tremendous support on admin and catering. Ron helped in setting up on Saturday in very warm conditions. Many members helped collect the controls after the event which was greatly appreciated.

Ron Frederick received his OAM at Government House in early April.
Ron pictured with his 3 offspring – Andrew, Roslyn and Bruce

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