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Emus Online February 2016

Emus Online

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The club trailer has been rewired with the addition of LED rear lights; The wheel hubs were replaced on both wheels with new with bearing kits. Cost $441.70

Geoff Hudson has procured the club’s new SI gear and is in the process of making up a kit that will make it operationally smooth and convenient. The club has spent about $11,000 on the gear which will make us more self-sufficient. Geoff is also hoping to buy a couple of splits printers for $140.

The club has also paid the update of the OEScore software for $260. We now have the latest software to use in events like the Maxi, The Enduros and Summer Series MTBO events.

The Summer Street Series is coming to an end and the new Winter Series fixtures will soon be out.

Club Website Please check out the new club website developed by Rob Fell. Let me know what you think about it. The platform is the basic free version of WordPress with limited functionality.

New Maps

Blackhill and Bald Hill maps are nearing completion and are another area of significant club expenditures. Rex Niven is overseeing production and we are hoping to run bush sprint events on them in 2017.

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