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First Relay in Victoria since 2004! MTBO Maryborough

There is nothing like the “electricity” of a relay as you wait for your partner and then after the touch, have to solve the navigational problems that this great area presents. Those that made the trip up to Maryborough in October 2004 will remember the greatest relays ever ridden by the Aussies – two Bronze Medals! Well here is your chance!

Be part of history and ride the final leg of the 2004 MTB WOC Relay on Saturday – twice! The 2-person relay that Blake has designed has all the fun of a relay – mass start, short run to the maps, then to the bikes, then the crowd of about 50 (we hope) sets off for the complex terrain just east of the Jack Pascoe Reserve. But there’s more – a “flying SI stick transfer” from leg 1 rider to leg 2 rider. After the 2nd leg rider completes their leg and do the “AJ finish control sprint”, they hand the SI stick back to their Leg 1 rider who goes out for a second chance for glory!

How many times have you wished you could just have another go? Well this relay will give every rider gets two legs (separated by about 30 minutes to recover, get hydrated, and plan how to do the last legs of the course). And to add interest we will try to combine the 30 crack Kiwi riders – over here for the Australian MTBO Champs (the next weekend in Mt Gambier) – with local Aussie talent so we have an international flavour to the fun event of the year. We hope that the relay format will be improved on and used in 2010.

On Sunday, Phil Giddings has designed 4 great courses with plenty of route choice and a third chance “to get it right” at Mosquito Flat! It should be a hoot – so send your details to Geoff NOW so we can make maps for you for either two days or one – if you can’t make it on Saturday.  Not since the 2004 WOC Relays has Australia had an exciting relay. The terrain is relatively flat, the network is quite detailed and the tracks are fast – so all we need is you to make it a great weekend.

How did the crazy orienteer find her way through the forest?

She followed a psychopath.

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