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Emus Online March 2010

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Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

A Message from Sweden

By Anders Thulin

Thanks a lot for your caring about us during our stay in Australia and still via your emails. The dinner we were invited to 3 years ago, together with some of the orienteering club members, meant a lot to us and made us feel very welcome to Australia!  We loved our stay there with lots of very nice and happy memories and since July 2009 we left Eltham for Sweden again because of the job contracts. 

Nowadays we live in Kungalv about 20 minutes north of Gothenburg on the west coast and we are still settling in. Almost every day we talk about our time in Australia. Anyway, if possible I’d love to continue to be on your send list and by that keep some contacts with Victoria and Melbourne.

In November this year we are coming back for a 4 week stay to catch up with all our friends. Maybe I’ll try to do some orienteering as well then. Better later than never…

If you are in Europe some time don’t hesitate to contact us. I’m joining Kungalvs OK here in town and I plan to run the O-ringen in Orebro in July. Maybe we can have some kind of friendship exchange between our clubs in the future!

Best regards from Anders Thulin with family (Mia, Tilda 8 and Agnes 5). Enclosed are some pictures from our very snowy winter with lots of skating and skiing for a change. Say hello to everyone in the club from us!!!

Coxy’s Big Break

The recent filming at the You Yangs with Coxy and the crew from Coxy’s Big Break went well. Thank you to club members Robin Sunderland, Geoff Armstrong, Kevin Maloney and Don Fell for helping out.

The filming took place at the Lower Picnic Ground and around the north-east side of Flinders Peak at the Branding Yards. The local ranger, David Roberts, also did some filming with Coxy at Big Rock and the Turntable.

Other orienteers you may see featured are VOA President, Ian Dodd, Peter Yeates, Kath Copland, Ewen Templeton, Paul Elam, Mike Hubbert, Peter Lada, Peter Edmonds and Mick Mutton.

Rob Edmonds coordinated the undertaking

By nillumbik

Member of Nillumbik Emus Orienteering Club and Orienteering Victoria
Orienteering Foot, Mountain Bike, Rogaining
Mapping, Course setting, Event organisation, Sporting Schools Orienteering
Members of Carols in the Park, Diamond Creek organising committee