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Emus Online September 2, 2010

Emus Online

Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

Trailer Storage

After 20 years of storing club equipment at the Johnson’s it is now time to find a new location. The club has decided to take the Niven’s up on their very generous offer to look after the equipment at their place. The club will buy a shipping container and pay for installation works.

Lake Mountain Ski Trip

Don and Fiona Fell and Rob Edmonds recently headed up to Lake Mountain for a great day of cross country skiing. It was interesting to look at the rebuilding program in full progress and three hire ski shops in operation in Marysville. The best snow falls in years and seen record number of visitors. Lake Mountain would be a good place for Ski Orienteering.

If you get a chance to head up to the snow, it is worth hiring your gear from Marysville Ski Hire in the centre of Marysville, and mention the Fells who have a family connection.

By nillumbik

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