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Emus Online December 2010

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Night Champs Report by Rex Niven

Balmy dry conditions promised pleasant running at the Night “Champs” held this year on the Mia Mia /Blowmine map.  The thirty controls were spread over a wide area needing a nearly 20 km circuit to complete the whole set, but two runners came close with nearly 90% of total points after three hours.  The event lost its organiser early on but this was covered by many members taking on a number of small tasks.  However, with only 32 competitors and ten years of experience running the event it was a relatively light load. An ARDF event was run simultaneously which aided bonhomie untilwell after midnight.

The score event next morning was better attended, again in warm weather.  With the last start at 10:30, organisers were on their way home by 1:30PM.

Thanks to Stanley for the loan of Ernie the Urn, Lauris for providing food, and the spirit of absent Joyce overseeing all and providing a range of prizes.

Well done Rex. Great courses and use of the map. It was perfect night with enough moonlight to make matching the terrain with the map possible. Rob Edmonds and Rex set out most of the controls during the day with assistance from Laurie Niven and Ron Frederick. Geoff and Schon Hudson brought up the trailer with water ‘otter’ and plenty of water. Other helpers were Robyn Sunderland, Sue Healy, Geoff Armstrong, Phil Giddings, Kevin Maloney, and Lauris and Ian Stirling. The area around the Red, White and Blue Mine was particularly scenic with the dams filled to the brim and abundant wildflowers. The dams were a great place for a cooling dip.

Some people found the controls easier to locate at night then in the daytime as the luminescent tapes reflected brightly in the torchlight. Most people camped while a few went home. Robbie Caldwell kept the larger mosquitoes out of his car by just leaving his window open just a couple of centimeters. The one that did get in paid the ultimate sacrifice in the morning. Those with screen door tents slept buzz free.

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