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Emus Online June 20, 2011

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Lauder Mine—Badge Event by Rex Niven

If I say so myself our recent event at Lauder Mine was excellent.  Just about everything went right – weather, terrain, and our experienced club machinery working smoothly.. 

Using the nice amphitheatre paddock was a a decision taken only shortly before.  We had planned two complete events with assembly / start / finish  in different places, with two overlapping sets of control tapes.  Once we were sure the week beforehand that it would be sufficiently dry that we could use the paddock, then we could commit to Plan B.  I think everyone agrees the grassy open sunny site was great. The bridge across the fence was a new engineering feat for us, and the pit toilets provided a bit of nostalgia (and no queues?).

The escarpment at the south end of the map allowed legs using down-and-up or round type route choices, often down and up was best! There were plenty of rocks and mine workings to put controls on and the three-way saddle near control 137 tricked quite a few people.  In the north part of the map are three hills with an octopus of writhing ridges and spurs spreading out in all directions, you really have to keep concentrating. One of them I never mastered properly, I just try to avoid it now.  The big paddocks mean the forest is a strange shape but there were still good O legs up to about 1.3km long for the elites, and even a 700m leg on Course Six just for Sue Healy. 

Putting out all the controls, taped routes, water controls* and fence crossings took me around 15 hours spread over three days which seemed an age, especially when it all has to be done again in reverse.  However, the best part about course setting is how everyone pitches in at course closing time and makes the forest clean again, seemingly in no time at all.  Thanks to all who participated.

Now, please put your route on the Route Gadget so I can see what happened. Bruce Arthur tells me this link will take you there.

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