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Emus Online December 2011

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Australian Mountain Bike Champs Carnival

It was a great weekend for the 150 mountain bikers taking part in the race carnival. A huge contrast from the “pour” weather we had a fortnight before for the Oceania Carnival.

There were 7 riders from Nillumbik Emus. Joyce Rowlands won her 3 races in the sprint event around Lake Sambell, The middle Distance at Rowdy Flat and the Long at Stanley. Phil Giddings in M50 had our best ride with a terrific 4th in the Long. Anthony Lynch M21E put in 3 consistent rides with a very solid 12th in the Long. Othedr riders were Jim Taylor M50, Rob Edmonds M50, Kevin Maloney M60 and Helen Edmonds W50.

The relay event was held at the Indigo winery. Teams were randomly selected from all entries with a rider in each team riding the long, medium or short course.

Dinner was held at the Hibernian Hotel with guest presenter retelling the Ned Kelly story in an informative and entertaining presentation. Another highlight was the ride through Beechworth after the opening ceremony

Anthony Lynch, Rob and Helen Edmonds will return the Kiwis a favour with a visit to the Otago Carnival in January. Around 60 Australians will be heading over the ditch to try their luck.

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