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Emus Online April 2012

Emus Online

Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

Josie Yeatman has started a Nillumbik Emus Facebook group. 

Josie wrote, “If anyone wants to join they can send me a message.  I have joined up everyone that I know on Facebook and so far we have 14 members.  A couple of other people have said they might join Facebook so they can be in the group and can also be in the Street O Wild Bunch Group which Jim (Glaspole) started.” 

Walls of Jerusalem by Rex Niven

Ever seeking the ultimate rogaine, Ron Frederick led a disparate band to the Walls of Jerusalem in the tiers region near Cradle Mountain in Tasmania for six days of “tramping” .  This park has a well-maintained easy-to-walk trail crossing the main area but also lots of off-track routes on the alpine plateau to allow one to pretend to orienteer in pretty terrain with intriguing old-testament place names.

By nillumbik

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