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Emus Online April 2015

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Lindsay Thomas from Tuckonie OC wrote
Peter Beggs mentioned to me tonight that he had heard on the Ericsson network that Sture Lantz had written a novel that was set in Australia. I have done a quick Google, and have come up with this link:

I’m sharing this email with a couple of other old hands who would probably remember Sture, the member of our founding triumvirate who actually gave the club its name, but I haven’t been in touch with Sture for several years.

For those who don’t read Swedish – Google Translate does a passable job of translating the blurb into English, but I can send that translation separately if you like.

Curiously, I don’t know whether Sture is aware that “Tuckonie” was a black kid (played by actor John Meillon) in the radio serial “The Search for the Golden Boomerang” which ran for 1,444 episodes during the early 40s. Legend has it that Sture found the name in a koori dictionary, said to mean “little man lost in the bush”.

Incidentally, I also have the piano score and words for “The Tuckonie Tree Song” – if anyone is a pianist, we could record it!

Don Fell’s Comment

In the light of this information about “The Tuckonie Tree Song”, maybe we should formally claim “Old Man Emu” as our club theme song. We could run the pants off a kangaroo!


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