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Emus Online April 2011

Emus Online

Edited by Robert Edmonds The full edition with pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

Decisions, Decisions Decisions

At our club committee meeting on April 5th, among other matters

We checked out progress on the new equipment store

Fiona showed us samples of the new club polo top and jackets … they are brilliant

Decided to donate our share of the fire relief fund for Toorourrong Reservoir remap to Yarra Valley for their new Hawkstowe map at South Morang/Plenty River Gorge

Decided to hang onto Candlebark map, the adjunct to our Eltham Lower Park map

Decided to get rid of our out-of-date maps which are taking up a lot of room in storage at members’ houses. Joyce would like some copies of these old maps

Schon showed us the new first aid kit put together by Lyn Green

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