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Emus Online May 2011

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MTBO Joyce’s Mishap

Joyce’s Account

On Saturday April 9th, I was driving at 110 kph to get to the MTBO Champs at Korweinguboora.  Near Ballan, I got a great shock as my bike flew off the car and bounced a couple of times and fell to the side of the road. Thankfully, there were no cars close behind to trash it but Tim Dent and Graeme Cadman checked it over and shook their heads.

I told Paul Elam, an organiser, that I would not be able to ride these two days. But Paul kindly offered, “Would I like to ride his bike?” I was thrilled to accept and the weekend turned out to be a great one and I was most grateful for the offer.

My local bike shop suggested the repair money would be best spent on a new bike. So after a trip to Warren Key’s shop in Clifton Hill and I had a new bike – a Scott like Paul’s; with disc brakes and lighter than my previous bike. It rides well and I’m very happy with it. My bike rack was not damaged but now I tie my bike on more securely. My old bike went out with the rubbish.

By nillumbik

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