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The Real Story Behind the Maxi

Course setting at Boundary Creek is tough enough, but what ensued when I was putting out the controls was a story of utter frustration and stupidity.

I chose a lovely day, Thursday, to put out the controls. After picking up the control boxes in Woodend, I arrived at the first control site to find I had left the flags at home.  I decided that their was no point going home at this stage and to put out the control stands. I finished the last control and arrived home about 8pm after collecting the SI equipment at Woodend.

The pink tape hanging above the control stands seemed okay, but it wasn’t really right. So I headed up next day with the flags and spent another 6 and half hours putting them out and the water in continuous rain. Last control was finished at 4:30 pm. On the way back to my locked car I realised I didn’t have my keys. No phone, no wallet, wet through. I searched for an hour before heading to the nearest farm house; no-one home. There was no-one at the next two houses either, despite chimney smoke and lights on. It’s now dark. What do I do? I start walking along the Doxa Rd towards Malmsbury. Half an hour later a car comes along and drives me to Doxa. The lady takes Helen’s phone number but we are out of phone range. I check out Doxa, but no-one around. Another car stops and takes me to the Malmsbury Hotel. My phone calls to Helen don’t get through. Did Helen receive a message from the lady? Text messaged, Malmsbury Hotel, not Doxa. I wait out on the road. Just before 8pm, my feet are still wet, Helen drives past and keeps going. Dam! Still can’t through. A lad has lent me his phone. I get through to my father. Still can’t reach Helen. I walk out to Malmsbury Railway Bridge to wait for Helen’s return. She doesn’t. At about 9am, I wonder how I’m going to spend the night. The lad from the hotel arrives at the bridge with his Mum in her car. Just then, a weak phone call comes through from Helen. Still at Doxa. The mother offers to drive me to Doxa where I meet up with Helen. I now have the spare keys and a head torch and head up to the saddle on the rough bush track to collect the car. I arrive home at 11pm and get to bed about 4am, after working on event organisation.

Next day, Ron Frederick finds the keys. He finds them not far from where I had parked the car.

Robert Edmonds

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