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Emus Online November 2012

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Victorian Night Champs & Score’O

Bunjil, Ballan

It was a great evening for the Night’O.  Rex Niven set 36 controls in the open forest. Competitors had a choice of 90 minutes or 150 minutes to locate as many as they could. Maps were distributed at 9PM and competitors quickly studied their options before dispersing with head torches bobbing in the dark. Control 150 worth 100 points was very tempting, and quite a few chose to go even though it was quite remote. No one was going to complete the whole course in the time so it was a matter of choosing the most expeditious route, to maximise points.

Ron Frederick brought up the club equipment and Rex had spent his time putting out controls well beforehand. Laurie Niven organised the registration tent. By late afternoon, Club members had assembled to put up the necessary infrastructure. ARDF were there too, running their night radio event.

The camp site was growing bigger as competitors began arriving, some to stay the night, others to go home after their event.

Next morning, more people arrived to tackle the courses in daylight. Many competitors from the Night’O had another go. This time competitors had only 90 minutes, and the scoring was far  higher than in the night, as expected. After a cool night, the day began brightly and warmed up quickly. In the daylight, everyone was able to appreciate the beautiful carpet of flowers on the forest floor. Thank you Rex and Laurie for a wonderful event.

Other Club members who assisted and took part included Peter Maloney, Ewen Templeton, Rob and Helen Edmonds, Paul and Dorothy Adrian, Jeff and Ann Hughes, Sue Healy, Dave Lotty and Phil Giddings.

By nillumbik

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